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Blackberry Mustard

Blackberry Mustard

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Family: Rosaceae
Type: Rubus
Species: Rubus fruticosus Chester; called "Rovo da more" or "Rovo comune".


The Rubus type is a climbing bristly, deciduous shrub with alternate and entire, lobed and webbed leaves.

Flowers: cup shape, with 4 o 5 petals are on branches, in small pink, white and purple bunches of flowers. 
The production is medium-high. 
Fruits: big size, with firm, sweet, dark and manipulated flesh. Shef-life of 4-5gg. 
Maturation: mid-late August.


Blackberry mustard: This mustard has an intense and characteristic spicy flavor, thwarted by the high sweetness of blackberry. The most common and better combinations are with white meat maybe with pistachios, chicken liver with Malvasia, roast duck breast and veal and with medium-aged and tasty cheeses such as Toma of PienzaCastelmagno and Pecorino.


  • package: glass jar
  • content: 150 gr/250 gr
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