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Blueberry Mustard

Blueberry Mustard

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Family: Ericaceae
Type: Vaccinium
Species: Vaccinium corymbosum Duke, called: "giant blueberry" or "american blueberry".


Native of North East, it is a deciduous shrub with elliptic, medium green to yellow leaves. In late spring and early summer it produces pendulous branches covered with cylindrical, white tinged with pink flowers; then spherical berries of blue-black, wide up to 1cm.

Flowers: flowering occurs in middle age, at the end of March / April
Fruits: medium-large size (1,8gr), flattened shape, bluish light blue, very pruinose. Firm texture, aroma and taste very good. 
Shelf-life of 20 days. 
Maturation: early, from mid / late June lasts about a month.


Blueberry mustard: This compote is obtained from cranberries, brown sugar and mustard essence. not too swee, has the right amount of spiciness. Recommended with boiled beef, poultry and veal or with roast pork, turkey and wild game and even with medium-aged cheeses.


  • package: glass jar
  • content: 150 gr/250 gr
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