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Strawberry Mustard

Strawberry Mustard

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Family: Rosacee
Type: Fragraria
Species: F. virginiana crossed with F. chiloensis – Elsanta variety

The Elsanta variety has strong vigor, upright habit and an excellent productivity. 

Flowers:  big with large anthers full of pollen; only the first flowers have anthers underdeveloped. Flowering occurs in middle age 
Fruits: large with cone and round shape, bright red, medium calyx. The flesh is firm, juicy, has excellent and very aromatic flavor. 
Maturation:  intermediate, every 45/60 days after planting.


Strawberry mustard: A sweet and spicy compote obtained with fresh fruit, sugar and mustard essence. It is a perfect match with boiled (poultry and beef) or with roasted meats (veal, top stuffed meatloaf, baked ham) and sof, fresh and short storage cheeses.


  • package: glass jar
  • content: 150 gr/250 gr
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