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Raspberry Mustard

Raspberry Mustard

€ 6,00Price

Family: Rosacee
Type: Rubus
Species: Rubus idaeus L. – Amira variety


This flourishing raspberry kind has been introduced on european market recently but it’s getting a very positive feedback in tasting, quality and size which is slightly larger than the average of Italian raspberries.

Flowers: cup-shape, with 4 or 5 white petals. 
Fruits: big size( 6,5-7gr) round and slightly cone-shape, sweet, aromatic, red, extremely resistant after harvest, they have a shelf-life of 3/4 days. 
Maturation: medium, July.


Raspberry mustard: The slightly sour taste of our raspberry is well combined with the intense and pungent mustard essence flavor. What you get from this mix is a composed that perfectly matches with foie gras, with pork loin or with rack of lamb; with cheeses such as fresh goat's or sheep's medium-aged and blue cheese (Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Stilton).


  • package: glass jar
  • content: 150 gr/250 gr
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